Confessions of a Teenage Krogan Queen


Mording asked for Grunt beaten up + a doting Branka ;u;

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the family none of us knew we ever wanted or even needed!!

for commanderpug, dextronoms, and death-star510 !!

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I need more Bakara in my life ♥

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Finally done huzzah :D I’ve been meaning to do this a while back as a small project when my Branka blog reached a follower milestone. But then real life stuff happened and what can you do?

What I plan to do is mail these to Steve Blum as a gift and hopefully get one autographed. Wish me luck!

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Grunt: I’m hungry
Scarlet: I think I got some coupons for Fishdog Food Shack
Garrus: Oh boy, here we go…

Picture based off this post!

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Krogan Love by Sugarsop

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Another krogan character that I haven’t used in a while but he’s a lot of fun when I do get to play him. He works at the urdnot camps as a cook and is very good at his job (creating new dishes, able to make non-krogan meals and so on) His nickname is Steak his actual name is pronounced “Grease” :>

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Oooooh Lydia, o’ Lydia, say have you met Lydia? Lydia the tattooed lady!

Making a female krogan based on the song X3 hope to show her off more once I get a solid story and personality ironed out!

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Last night was pretty rough and to wind down I thought about doing some sketches. Mainly action stuff I kept telling myself “you should do some action poses! Practice some action! push yourself”

So I started with one picture but then I was like “nah” then kept adding more and more till it filled my entire page with this really messy story >__> it’s not finished but I got tired haha

Here is the full mess of a page

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this was my very first picture of Kurn and Branka awww :B

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